Reduced Commission for Certain Folks

Great Service for All Folks

Seniors 65+

Adults 65 and older, our beloved elders, can expect a commission of 4.5% (approximately 0.5% lower than the prevailing commission rate) on the sale of their primary home. That discount equates to a savings of nearly $8500 on a $1.5M home. Seniors can also expect a full-service Broker-Client relationship that aims to maximize the sale price of your home. I have seen too many examples of seniors who sold their homes for hundreds of thousands less than their potential, largely because of ineffective or, dare I say, lazy selling strategies and a lack of good information. Seniors also have to deal with the pressures and stress of estate considerations and family matters. Beyond the reduced commission, I’ll also help you make better decisions to reduce those stresses for you and your family. And remember, if you ever want to just talk and get more information – without any commitment or expectations – contact me. I’ll be happy to give you as much advice as I can, regardless of whether you intend to hire me or not. If I can help you make a better decision, that’s enough for me. Really. And if you want to share some life advice with me, I’d love that. It took me losing some of the most important people in my life to realize how much wisdom I lost.


So you’ve decided to live the Canadian dream, eh? And in Toronto. Well, welcome to the most diverse city on the planet. Chances are you came from a place without Toronto-style winters, so you must really love Toronto. Anyways, I know how stressful moving to a new city or country can be, because I’ve done it several times. In addition to a $5000 rebate* on the purchase of your first home, I’ll help you find the right neighbourhood, the right school for your kids, the right bank, the right car, and the healthcare professionals. Oh, and the best place to get food that reminds you of home. As the son of immigrants, I know the pluses and minuses of moving to Canada and I want to help you settle in and prosper. And listen, if you are moving here or already here and just want to talk to get some guidance – without any commitment or expectations – contact me. I’m happy to help. Really.


Buying or selling your first home – whether its a condo or a house – can be thrilling, but it can also be overwhelming. You’re not alone. In addition to offering you either a reduced commission of 4.5% (approximately 0.5% lower than the prevailing rate) on the sale of your first home or a $5000 rebate* on the purchase of your first home, you can count on my experience as a Broker, yes, but also as an investor. I’ve been flipping homes since I was a wee lad and learned some painful lessons along the way. Like, reeeeally painful. Like, I still can’t drive by some old properties without letting out a huge sigh. Anyways, let me help you avoid those mistakes. I wish I had a real estate mentor when I was younger. So. So. Much. So let me be yours. Whether you intend to hire me or not, I’m happy to share some advice with you, so don’t hesitate to contact me. No commitments. No expectations. No email spamathons. Just a one night stand kinda sitch. Unless you want me in your life. Gosh, are we still talking about homes?

The Large Fine Print

*The $5000 rebate applies to home purchases over $750,000. Newcomer or First-Time purchases betweeen $500,000-750,000 will enjoy a $3000 rebate. If you purchase a home below $500,000, congratulations, you’ve won the Toronto real estate lottery and you should create your own real estate website.

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