Listen, we’re all at home all the time these days, unless you’re a frontline worker, in which case, thank you. Seriously. Regardless, everyone can use some free-but-quality advice every now and then. Schedule some time with me and ask me whatever you want. Really. Whether you’re trying to figure out whether you should buy or rent, sell or lease, build or renovate, refinance, find a partner, lose a partner, negotiate with your landlord, negotiate with your tenant…whatever…just holler.
No expectations. No commitment.

A no-obligation, no-contact appraisal from the comfort of each of our homes. We can start with a video walkaround of your home and property, or if you don’t want to do a video walk-around (maybe your place is a mess, or maybe you just don’t want to show a stranger – albeit a swell guy – your abode, we can take a more basic approach. I’ll give you a price range you can expect to sell your home for and some suggestions on how to choose the best Realtor for you, and spoiler alert: the best Realtor for you might not be me!


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