A Bit About Me

Hi. I'm Hoss.

Um, first things first: why do real estate salespeople put their portraits on everything? Business cards, bus shelters, those moulded plastic public bench/trash can thingies…I mean, I’ve never seen such a vain industry that ostensibly has nothing to do with vanity. My barber doesn’t have her mug on her business card. I don’t have a plastic surgeon but I’ve yet to see an ad for one with the surgeon’s picture. Well, the image on the left is my reluctant compromise. An illustration by a remarkably talented artist named Jordi Machi, who lives in Spain. Anyhew, I digress…

I’m a registered real estate broker in the current employ of Royal LePage West Realty Group Ltd in Etobicoke. Real estate is in my blood (among other oddities). I’m a customer almost as often as I’m a broker. It’s an honest way to earn or supplement a living, and if you dare to venture into the construction side of things (say, with your sibling, for example), a deep understanding of real estate can make both sides of that venture more rewarding. 

I created this site for a simple reason: to educate people on real estate. I’m grateful if it leads to business, but it’s not my primary objective. This is me doing for others what I wish others did for me when I was getting into the real estate game: sharing wisdom. While there’s no substitute for experience, whether that’s forged in costly mistakes and hard lessons or forged in academia, learning from other people’s experience is a gift that few of us have. Whether that’s in stocks, in careers, in relationships, or in real estate, the wisdom of the crowd can only help you make better decisions. That’s what Hossopolis is about. That’s why there are no listings on this site – if you’re looking for those, they are readily available on realtor.caThat’s why my soft-lit portrait isn’t on this site. That’s why the Hassani Advantage is not a phrase on this site. This site is to help you make better choices in real estate. Because if I see someone else make an ill-informed decision that costs them $500,000, especially if they’re seniors, I’ll be really bummed.

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